In 1974, Revco sought to bring a whole new level of personal protection to industrial markets. We created the Black Stallion® brand to represent our principles of Quality, Service, and Innovation. Equally important was the desire to work closely with independent distributors who shared in our values of hard work and dedication. We took those ideals to heart and turned them into a sound business strategy. Today we have earned a track record of success, along with a nationwide network of distributors who believe in the power of mutual partnership. With the 2007 introduction of the innovative BSX® line and AngelFire® women’s line, Revco is more committed than ever to working together to raise the bar in industrial protection.

Revco's popular brands such as Black Stallion or BSX might be better known to you, but it's still the same quality welder's safety and protective gear you've come to love, and it's manufacturered by the same folks.

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